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“A BELL LOCKS IN,” Blake Collins' 5-song debut E.P., beautifully melds old-school Rock & Roll attitude that boasts the same sensibility and bravery of The Beatles and The Kinks with organic, timeless, DIY dream-pop aesthetic, like Emitt Rhodes, The Shins and Elliott Smith. 

Collins' breadth as a songwriter and musician are on full display in the pastiche instrumentation here, which includes traditional rock elements such as electric guitars, bass, piano and drums, alongside less conventional instruments like the chord organ, mellotron and ukulele. A velvety and haunting string arrangement on the E.P.'s centerpiece puts the cherry on top. 

The result: a pop record that is at once familiar, yet refreshingly unique and unfolding in its intricacies.


Fun Fact: Blake Collins designed the cover artwork, layout and disc artwork himself!

Blake Collins — "A Bell Locks In" CD