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Blake Collins Music

Blake Collins is an American-British indie rock musician, singer-songwriter and performer. With poetic lyrics, impassioned vocals, and entrancing performance, his work is often compared to bands like The Beatles, The Kinks and The Beach Boys, as well as solo artists like Emitt Rhodes and Harry Nilsson. Collins crafts his music with engaging narratives, catchy melodies, lush harmonies and memorable hooks to achieve a pop perfection that speaks to universal emotion and experience.

Having fed heartily on seminal modern rock and power-pop groups like Dr. Dog, The Shins, Weezer and The Strokes, Blake Collins arrives upon a sound and vibe that is contemporary as well as timeless. He also brings the excitement and magic of his music to life on stage, whether playing his acoustic guitar in candid and raw solo performances or with the energy of a full electric lineup.

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Blake Collins Music

'YOU’VE BEEN ON MY MIND,' Blake Collins’ fourth and latest single from his full-length album, 'There's Nowhere Like Here,' is now available on all major streaming platforms worldwide. A high-energy rocker about romantic longing, this sonic kick to the face will have you dancing non-stop to the bopping bass, crunchy guitars and lush stacked vocal harmonies that recall a golden era of rock & roll music. With its blistering lead guitar solo in the bridge, this is one to listen to on high volume — crank it up!

SHE GIVES YOU THAT LOOK,’ the first single from Blake Collins' forthcoming full-length album, 'There's Nowhere Like Here', was released July, 2020; ‘YOUR LOVE IS GOOD,’ the second single from 'There's Nowhere Like Here,' was released September, 2020; Collins' holiday song, 'IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME,' was released December, 2020; and 'I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE,' the third single from 'There's Nowhere Like Here,' was released January, 2021. In 2013, Collins released his 5-song debut EP, 'A BELL LOCKS IN.' All releases are available wherever you stream or purchase music.

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