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'A  B E L L  L O C K S  I N'

A Bell Locks In (front cover)
A Bell Locks In, inner right panel: Blake Collins portrait
ABLI tracklist.PNG

The CD is NOT dead!

A BELL LOCKS IN,” Blake Collins' 5-song debut EP, comes in retro CD format, in addition to being available for worldwide streaming on your platform of choice. 

A Bell Locks In (disc)
A Bell Locks In, inner left panel: ABLI tracklist

Conceived, written, performed and produced entirely at Collins' studio residence in Los Angeles, California, 'A Bell Locks In' is thoroughly hand-made — and the cover art and CD packaging are no exception. 

A surrealist collage artist who graduated from the art program at UCLA, Collins picked one of his own paper collages to thematically and visually represent the music that comprises the brief and impactful EP. The rest of the CD sleeve's graphic design is an extension of the original hand-incised art piece.

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